Ref: 13151000

DASSnet provides a complete .net integration library to integrate the SMS into a third party software such as BMS. 

DASSnet software has a service interface that allows third party applications to be integrated in DASSnet environment. This module allows other applications to interact with devices and use the events generated in the system. 

To facilitate the integration process, DORLET provides a client software developed ad hoc for this. It is made of 2 libraries, based on Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5, that developers can use in their projects. Here are described briefly each one of them:

-DorletIntegrationLib.dll Set of class that allows the developer interact with DASSnet software. Basically, it can be defined as a DASSnet client for DASSnet server. It allows treating the events coming from the field devices and executing actions on them. 

-Dorlet.IntegrationServices.DassExtensions.Data.dll This is the exchange data model between DASSnet software and the previous client library. Each class represents an element in DORLET’s system with all its data (Device, Alarm, etc…)