Ref: 14672000

Select one configuration to see an example.

1 Door 2 Readers (in&out)1 Barrier 2 Readers (in&out)1 Turnstile 2 Readers (in&out)
2 Doors 2 Readers ( all in)2 Barriers 2 Readers (all in)2 Turnstiles 2 Readers (all in)

1 Barrier with 2 Readers for entrance and exit

-1 Barrier working in both directions.
-2 Readers, one for each directions (any reader technology, proximity, long range, licence plate reader)
-8 Digital inputs, 2 of them can be configured as Analog Inputs and 8 Digital outputs for general use. Inputs and outputs can be used for traffic light control, gather statuses of the barrier and perform other actions.