Ref: 14672000

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1 Door 2 Readers (in&out)1 Barrier 2 Readers (in&out)1 Turnstile 2 Readers (in&out)
2 Doors 2 Readers ( all in)2 Barriers 2 Readers (all in)2 Turnstiles 2 Readers (all in)

2 Turnstiles/Access Gates with 2 Readers for entrance

-2 Turnstiles/Access Gates working in one direction.
-2 Readers (any reader technology, proximity, fingerprint, keypad, etc...)
-8 Supervised Digital Inputs, 2 of them can be configured as Analog Inputs and 8 Digital Outputs for general use. Statuses of the gate can be gathered by the inputs (alarms, malfunctions, etc...) and special maneuvers on the gate initiated by the outputs (pass directions, modes, special openings, etc...).