Ref: 11668000

Unlimited alarms points

Alarms module provides a complete alarms management solution integrated in DASSnet Security Management System (SMS)

Get complete online view of the alarms status in the alarm monitor, the devices tree and the map view. 

Every alarm can be acknowledged or rearmed from the alarm monitor, the devices tree and the map view.

Each alarm is defined by the alarm name, device name, device type, date and time of the activation, date and time of the acknowledge, and the priority. 

The alarms are shorted using priorities. The total amount of active alarms can be visualized in the priority scaled chart.

Every alarm can be automatically displayed in the map view, at the time is activated, or manually by clicking on the link in the alarm monitor.

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Esilly create alarm schedules for Working, Festive and Semi-festive days, and also 3 extras special days, with 4 diferent time slots and assigne those days to a complete year calendar.

The schedules will arm/disarm the alarm devices connected to the input. Those schedules assigned to outputs will activate/deactivate the connected devices.

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DASSNET allows to group alarm inputs by creating alarm areas. 

The alarm area can be set in OR logic (some alarm is active) or AND logic (all alarms are active). 

The alarm area can be also automatically linked to an output when the previous condition is met.

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Create automatic event-action actuations between all integrated devices in the SMS. 

EVENTS: Activated input, Deactivate input, Superior pre-alarm, Inferior pre-alarm, Invalid access by reader, Access valid by reader, Controlled armed by reader, Controller disarmed by reader, Swipe of tour card on reader, Door left opened, Door forced, Disconnected controller, Power failure, Activated tamper, Empty control space, No empty control space, Parking full, Parking not ful, Active fire sensor, Active fire button, Set in out of surveillance, Set in failure, No video signal.

ACTIONS: Activate output, Deactivate output, Open door, Close door, Opening pulse, Arm controller, Disarm controller, Arm group, Disarm group, Forced arming, Disarm group and Forced arming, Evacuate, Finish evacuation, Inhibit reader, Set in surveillance, Set in out of surveillance, Show camera, Assign camera to screen, Place camera in preset, Start recording, Start playing message, Open controlled space all readers, Open controlled space entry readers, Open controlled space exit readers, Close controlled space all readers, Close controlled space entry readers, Close controlled space exit readers, Send mail notification

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Manual actuations allows the system to display on the screen indications or how to proceed, to the operator, when an alarm is activated.

Just create the indications and assign them to an alarm.

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