Ref: 13145000

DASSnet Cluster server provides a redundancy solution for Security Management System (SMS)

DASSnet provides a cluster solution for those projects where the redundancy and availability of the SMS must be guaranteed.

A cluster consists of two or more independent  servers (nodes)  working together,  as a single system,  to provide a higher level of availability, reliability, and scalability than can be obtained by using a single computer. 

When a failure occurs on one computer in a cluster, resources are redirected and the workload is redistributed to another computer in the cluster. 

The most widely used cluster type is the single quorum device cluster, also called the standard quorum cluster. In this type of cluster there are multiple nodes with one or more cluster disk arrays, also called the cluster storage, and a connection device, that is, a bus. Each disk in the array is owned and managed by only one server at a time. The disk array also contains the quorum resource. The following figure illustrates a single quorum device cluster with one cluster disk array.

4-Node Server Cluster Using a Single Quorum Device