Ref: 14122000

Unlimited vehicles

Fleet vehicles module provides a complete fleet managment solution integrated in DASSnet Security Management System (SMS)

This module is specifically designed to controll the company fleet vehicles by identifying the vehicle + driver.

The vehicle is identified by License Plate Recognition cameras (LPR) or a long distance TAG stuck on the windshield.  

The drivers are identified by using their employees cards.

A double verification system will be available at the entrance and exit of the parking (LPR or Long range reader + card reader). In this way the system can provide rights to the vehicles to be used just by allowed drivers.

The solution is also very helpful to identify which driver was driving a specific vehicle at a specific moment. For example in case of accident, damage to the vehicle or traffic fines.


Create unlimted vehicles and manage its data profile, description, type, license plate, model, brand, color, and also get access to the extended data profile as registration data, technical inspection data, insurance data, etc...  

From this window you will be able to assign the long distance tag or licence plate of the vehicle and provide rights, routes, access schedules, APB, expiration dates, etc.. 

From this window you can also search the vehicles, get his last transactions reports and put them into the blacklist.

The fleet management module allows you to decide the access mode of the vehicle:

-With driver assigned: The vehicle can access or leave just if the driver card is assigned to this vehicle.

-With any driver card: The vehicle can access or leave with any valid driver card.

-Without card:The vehicle can access or leave without using a driver card.

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Once the vehicles are created, you can decide which drivers are allowed to take those vehicles.

Easily search the drivers from the employees list and add them into the vehicle.

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For security forces, the system also allows to assign different license plates to an unique vehicle. The vehicle will keep all rights and drivers assigned but it will be able to be identified with different license plates.

Easily assign different license plates to a vehicle.

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Find a specific vehicle or a group of vehicles by license plate, organization structure (center, department, sub-department), company..., and individually or in group provide actions, routes, controlled spaces, access schedules, delete cards, change expiration dates, etc... 

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