Ref: 14403000 (300 users) 14404000 (1000 users)

FS-300 is a cost-effective facial reconition device for aceess control and user authentication. 

As a contactless, hygienic alternative to fingerprints and hand readers, FS-300 can effectively eliminate any body contact on any device and authenticate a user in less than 1 second.

FS-300 counts with a superior accurancy and reliable facial identification technology with 100% user enrollment rate unther diferent working and light conditions.

The verification of the face recognition is made inside the FS-300 and not in the controller as a normal reader, therefore the users limitation depends on the face reacognition model. FS-300 has a limit of 300 users and it can be expandable to 1000 users. For more users please contact us.

Key Benefits:

-Hygienic identification. FS-300 reader identifies people just by approaching the face to the camera. 

-Fast identification. FS-300 identify a person in less than 1 second.

-High accuracy. FS-300 has an accurancy of 99.999%. Less than 0.001% false acceptance rate. 


P. Supply12 Vdc
Consumption 1 A


​Registration<15 sec
Verification     <1 sec
​False acceptance<0,001%
False rejection<0,5%
Light conditions 0-8000 


Installation Manual