Ref: 71000110

The surface of the reader is completely aligned with the surface of the turnstile, giving a good finishing and profesional installation looking.

KIT 70 EAN Reader is a multi-reader device capable of having different identification methods working at same time. 

Keypad + Proximity reader + Fingerprint reader in one unique device.

The KIT 70 EAN reader is highly indicated for those places where more than one identification is required. It can also be completed with a built-in video intercom for people verification. See intercom solution.

The KIT 70 EAN is also recommended in those projects where the reader is going to be used as an attendance checking point. Through its screen the employee can consult information about his shift and add exceptions to the check-ins/outs.

Key Benefits:

-Flush mount. KIT 70 EAN reader is designed to be flush mounted on turnstiles. 

-ALL in ONE. KIT 70 EAN reader provides many different identification technologies in one reduced size device. 

-Keypay and Screen . KIT 70 EAN reader interacts with the user through its screen, showing all information required, and its keypad, allowing to browse on its menus.

-Unlimited fingerprints. 70 EAN fingerprint can work in mode 1:1 "fingerprint on card" making the number of fingerprints unlimited. See fingerprint on card solution.

-Open Architecture Design.  ISO 14443A compatible for card interoperability

-Writing capability. KIT 70 EAN reader can write in any sector of a MIFARE card. Ideal for DOC applications. See DOC solution.

-NFC ready. Mural reader can read & write on NCF devices such as mobiles. See NFC solution.


​Keypad16 Keys
ScreenBacklit 4x16
IntercomNO (opt.)
P. Supply12 Vdc
Consumption 250 mA


Frecuency     13.56 Mhz
​Range5 cm


Sensor size15x22 mm
​Sensor Res.  500 dpi
Verification T. <1 sec
1:n capacity5000
1:1 capacityUnlimited


Installation Manual