SmartLPR Access C 

Ref: 0700072

SmartLPR camera is a complete image identification system that can identify the car's license plates.

In one unique device is integrated the camera, the lighting, and the procesor for identification.

SmartLPR camera is presented in 2 diferent housings, Cabinet housing  (C) and Camera housing (A)

SmartLPR camera is also provided with 2 diferent wide angles. For lines up to 3,5m wide, and (WL) for lines up to 5,5m.

The read plate licenses are sent to the controller and processed in the same way a RFID card, fingerprint etc... is processed. DASSNET software manages the rights and integrate in one unique application all the access for a complex regardless the identification technology used.

Key Benefits:

-Color plate recognition.  KCaptures color images of number plates providing complete license information at any time of the day or night.  

-Light Adaptation.  Provides optimum licence plate recognition capabilities at any time of the day or night thanks to its Infra Red (IR) lighting system.

-Multi-Country Recognition. Detects the licence plates of different countries from Europe, Middle East, America, Asia, Africa, Australia.

-High reliability. Offers high recognition rates.


​Line wide3.5 m
Response TFrom 75ms 
P. Supply24 Vdc
Consumption 8 W



Installation Manual