DASSmobile APP

Ref: 14499000

3 devices (additional licenses available)

DASSmobile APP provides a mobility solution for the Security Management System (SMS)
DASSmobile can be used in iOS or Android mobiles and tablets.

Login into DASSmobile using the same  user name and password provided in DASSnet. The user inherits all properties set in DASSnet, so if the user has restrictions, rights or operative areas assigned, in DASSmobile will still have the same ones.

Receive push notifications directly to your mobile when an alarm is registered in DASSnet.

In DASSmobile you will be able to manage all devices installed or integrated in DASSnet, view and navigate through the maps, manage all alarms generated and see all access transactions generated in DASSnet.

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You will be able to control all devices installed or integrated in the DASSnet.

As an example a camera can be selected and viewed from the mobile.

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When talking about doors, a door can be open/close send a opening impulse, enable or disable the reader.

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Maps available in DASSnet will be also available in DASSmobile. You will be able to navigate through the maps, zoom in/out and select the options of the devices included on the maps.

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All alarms generated in DASSnet will be pushed to DASSmobile. The alarms will be able to accept and/or acknowledge from this window and also act over the device that generated the alarm.

This solution helps the operator to solve the alarms while they are in mobility.

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All access transactions that appears in the Access Monitor of DASSnet will also be displayed in DASSmobile.

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DASSmobile allows you to search specific devices. This solution is very helpful when a complex has many devices installed or counts with integration to other systems. 

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