MORTISE LOCK (Microswitch)

Ref: 24003000

The advantage of having a separete mechanical+electric lock is that the HS/i electric lock can be used in any type of door along with almost any standard (European, American, etc...) of mechanical mortice locks.

The standard mortice lock with microswitch is indicated for wooden and metalic doors.

This lock provides the following mechanical characteristics to the HS/i electronic lock: 

-Panic exit. From the inside of the room the lock will be always unlocked, even if the dead bolt is locked or the key turned, just by pressing the inside handle. This allows a rapid exit in case of emergency and is mandatory in public and hospitality sectors.

-Anti card opening system. A second mechanical latch is retracted when the door is closed blocking mechanically the opening of the main latch. This means that when the door is closed if someone tries to open the door using a plastic card or any other object to retract the main latch, this one will be blocked. The only way to open the main latch is by the inside handle, key, or a valid RFID card.

-Dead bolt. A sliding dead bolt is available to lock the door with extra security apart of the latch. The dead bolt can be locked by key or bolt thumb. If the dead bolt is locked it can be unlocked by the inside handle, key, bolt thumb or valid RFID card.

-Bolt status. The mechanical mortise lock with microswitch indicates to the electronic lock HS/i the status of the bolt thumb. This allows the HS/i to perform the privacy function.

Privacy function is a solution that denies the opening even with a vaild card when the bolt thumb is locked. For example in a hotel there are two type of cards employees and guests. All employees cards valid for this door (cleaning lady) will be rejected if the bolt thumb is locked (privacy), but guest cards valid for this lock will open the door (my kids are playing inside the room with the door locked). 

Check the  mortice locks guide.



CilynderEU profile
Panic exitYES
Dead boltYES
Anti card systemYES


​Between axes85mm
Depht     90mm


EN 12209 Standard
Classific: EM810F1BC20
Fire Ressistance: FR60


Installation Manual