What NFC stands for?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. NFC is a set of standards that enables proximity radio communication between devices. Now a days many smartphones include NFC technology built in allowing those devices to share information, make purchases, and also work as an RFID card for access control purposes.

Can I use my NFC smartphone as an access control identification?

In access control industry we use many identification methods to identify a person (cards, fingerprint, face recognition, iris, etc...), NFC smartphone can also be used as a personal identification method in the same way a card does.

How is the NFC smartphone detected by the access control system?

NFC technology uses the same standards used by Mifare or DESFire cards (ISO-14443A, ISO-14443B). So using a NFC smartphone is like using a normal card, the user approaches the smartphone to an RFID reader, in the same whay he would approach a normal card.  

Do I need to change anything in my access control infrastructure?

All dorlet controllers are compatible with NFC technology and they dont need to be changed.

All dorlet readers are compatible with NFC technology and they dont need to be changed.

DASSnet security management software is also compatible with NFC technology.

Can I use my NFC smartphone directly?

Unfortunately you cannot use straight away your smartphone, before that,  you need to provide to your NFC security stack, a unique credential so your smartphone can be identified and registered in the system. This credential is made of a unique identification number and certificates that protects it against replication, extraction, etc...

How can I provide the credential to my NFC?

There are two methods, one is by installing a software APP in your smartphone. We don't recommend using this method as software applications can be easily cracked and they dont have the minimum security protection against attacks.

The othe method is based on hardware. In some countries the mobile operators have especial SIM cards ready to emulate Mifare or DESFIRE cards in your NFC smartphone. Using this method the credential is embedded inside the SIM card chip and never leaves, so the user has the guaranty that all information is secured.

In those countries where those SIM cards are not available, special SD memory cards can also be used as a crdential, inserted in the NFC smartphone. As the SIM card, the SD card performs the same emulation and has the same security level.

Please contact us if you need more information of the available methods in your country and what is the best option for your project.