Ref: 14126000

High resolution scanner for the acquisition of personal data from official documents.

The IDFAST scanner perform the automatic Optical Character Recognition (OCR) as well as the photograph and signature capture.

The OCR scanner allows the recognition of many different international documents as IDs, passports, driver licenses, etc... To know the complete list of documents download it from here.

The OCR scanner is ideal for the fast and reliable acquisition of personal data. See OCR solution.

Highly indicated for visitors' check-in procedure, saving a lot of time in the registration process. See visitors solution.​


Key Benefits:

-Fast data acquisition. Less than 1 second for the scanning and less than 1 second for the OCR. 

-Long durability. The IDFAST scanner doesn't have any movable parts increasing the MBTF rate.  

-Fast registration. Thanks to the integration of the IDFAST scanner into DASSNET software the queues and waiting for the registration is decreased substantially.


​TechnologyLED scanner
LightingWhite light
​Resolution5 Mb(475dpi)
Image size2560x1920px
ConnectionUSB 2.0
P. SupplyFrom USB
Consumption 250 mA



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