Ref: 13044000

The Visits Dropbox reader is a special reader designed to recover the visits cards at the exit, avoiding visitors to leave the premise with the card. See visits solution. 

This reader combines different mechanical and electronic devices to perform the card recovery. It can be equipped with any RFID card reading technology. 

The fixing of the Visits Dropbox is flash mounted so it is ideal for installation on turnstiles and speed gates. 


(1) The card is inserted 

(2) The card is read by the reader and the information sent to the controller. If the card must be recovered the step (3) will follow.

(3) The latch is opened and the card drops in by gravity. A photocell will detect the drop and close the latch, then the controller will open the turnstile/speed gate and the visitor card will be cheched-out in the system. 

If the photocell doesn't detect the drop of the card, the controller won't open the turnstile/speed gate, and the card status wouldn't have changed. This operation protects the system against any attempt of recovering the card by any means.

Key Benefits:

-Visit cards recovery. Recovers by gravity all visits card avoiding people leaving the permises with the card.

-Cards + plastic cover + clip. The Visits Dropbox allows the introduction of cards even with a plastic cover/holder and metallic clip. The size of the mailbox allows the introduction of all these elements together.

-Flush mount. KIT 70 EAN reader is designed to be flush mounted on turnstiles. 


Frecuency13.56 Mhz
P. Supply24 Vdc
Consumption 250 mA


Installation Manual