How dorlet registers the visitors?

DASSnet Security Managment Software allows to register a visitor manually or using an OCR scanner to import the information of the visitor directly from a identification document. 

How does the OCR scanner works ?

The scanner is a special scaner design to capture identification documents such as passports, national ID, driver license, etc...

This scanner takes a photo of the document in less than a second and sends it to DASSnet. If the document has 2 sides, flip it manually and scan the reverse. Both images will be sent to DASSnet to perform the Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

The scanner is connected to the workstation through a USB 3.0 cable. Data and power are provided directly from the USB.

How is my document recognized?

DASSnet possess an internal database with all identification document accepted. Once the image is received it recognizes the type of document (passport, national ID, drive license...) and its procedence (country). 

Next step, DASSnet recognizes the numbers and words and allocates them in their corresponding field. 

It also recognizes the position of the photograph and the signature.

How is the recognized information imported to the visitor module?

Once all information contained in the document is been recognized it is send to the visitor module of DASSnet.

The recognized fields will be placed in their corresponding fields within the visitor profile as well as the photo. A copy of the document (front and back) will be also stored in the DB.

The whole process since the document is scanned until the information is registered in the visitor module takes no more than 2 seconds.

How long is the document stored in DASSnet?

Depends on the country laws or the company policies, the document can be deleted from the DB:

-Once the person has left the premises (check-out)

-After a programmed period(10 days, 30 days, 120 days, etc...) 


What documents can be recognized?

As general rule, all documents with the standard MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) ICAO-9303 can be read. 

Those documents without MRZ can also be recognized but they need to be integrated and they need a development.

Download the list of all current supported documents here.

What are the advantages of using the OCR scanner?

-You save a lot of time in the registration process.

-Your DB is organized and accurate.

-You keep a copy of the visitor's ID in case it needs to be recovered (if the data protection laws of that country allows it) 

Most of the companies and organizations don't keep a visitors log or they stop doing it because the tedious work that it requires. The OCR solution ensures that the registration is easy, fast and accurate. 

If the OCR scanner is used along the visitors cards recovery solution, then the visitors don't need to get back to the reception desk to recover their ID, saving extra time, and the organization still keeps a copy of the ID in its internal DB.