Ref: 41AABB00

Electronic cylinder with proximity card reader for MIFARE or DESFire cards.

The Single Knob Electronic Cylinder with Mechanic Knob allow the opening of a door from one of the sides using a proximity card and manually from the other side

All CX-4000 series cylinders are equipped with DORLET DOC technology (stand-alone) and wireless technology (online). Both solutions can be used separately or together for its integration with other DORLET access control products.

Know more about DOC.

The advantages of using electronic cylinders resides in its easy installation on doors with standard mechanical cylinders, just by replacing the existing one for the electronic cylinder. There is no need to cable the door or damage the door during the installation or after its removal.

The electronic cylinders use standard CR2 batteries that can last for more than 83.000 openings. The status of the batteries will be sent to DASSNET, by DOC technology or Wireless communication, where the user will be warned when must be changed. The cylinder can also be powered using a special tool in case the battery is fully empty.

Different sizes of the electronic cylinder can be acquired according to the door thickness. Remember to select the correct length before placing the order.


AA/BB mm.
​4130BB00 30/BB mm.
4135BB00 35/BB mm.
​4140BB00 40/BB mm.
4145BB00 45/BB mm.
4150BB00 50/BB mm.
4155BB00 55/BB mm.
​4160BB00 60/BB mm.
4165BB00 65/BB mm.
​4170BB00 70/BB mm.
41AA3000 AA/30 mm.
​41AA3500 AA/35 mm.
41AA4000 AA/40 mm.
​41AA4500 AA/45 mm.
41AA5000 AA/50 mm.
41AA5500 AA/55 mm.
41AA6000 AA/60 mm.
​41AA6500 AA/65 mm.
41AA7000 AA/70 mm.

Order example:

-A door with 40mm. from its center to the left (AA) and 40mm. to the right (BB), the code will be 41404000

-A door with 45mm. from its center to the left (AA) and 30mm. to the right (BB), the code will be 41453000



​MaterialStainless Steel
Protection IP-65 (IP-66 optional)
Real time clockYES
Battery2x CR2 (3v)
Battery DurationAprox. 83.000 cycles
Cylinder standard EURO DIN 18252
Cylinder lenghtFrom 30mm to 70mm
Knob dimensionsØ 40 x 42.7 mm
Operation temperature -40º to 65º


Frecuency 13.56 Mhz
​Range1 cm


Stand-alone YES (DOC)


256k Flash memory
No limit in users number
Storage last 280 events
99 time zones
3 types of days
2 time zones/day type
Access calendar
Auto. opening calendar
380 cards on blacklist


Installation Manual