Ref: 40000200

The HUB is the device in charge of concentration all Wireless Receptors into a single point using an RS-485 Bus.

The HUB at same time sends all this information to the DASSNET server using its TCP-IP connection.

The HUB is also the device that powers the Wireless Receptors (12 Vdc) as it includes its own power supply. The HUB can also be powered using PoE technology.

The HUB allows the connection of 1 Wireless Receptors and a maximum of 16 cylinders per HUB. Unlimited HUBs can be added in the LAN network to extend the number of cylinders.


Power Supply230 Vac or PoE
Consumption30 VA
Communication TCP-IP
Dimensions 190x80x40


Up to 1 Wireless devices
Up to 16 Cylinders


Installation Manual