Mortise locks and HS/i electonic locks

HS/i electronic locks can be used with many diferent mortice locks in the market, so even existing doors can be upgraded easily just by adding an HS/i electronic lock and keeping the existing mechanical mortice lock and cylinder. 

For new doors without mechanical mortice lock, it is required in order to set the system. The key cylinder is optional and not mandatory, but is a good backup opening method in case the batteries have not been replaced and the lock is out of battery or any malfunction on the electronic lock. Check mortice locks and cylinders in accessories section.

In new doors, depending on the mortice lock used it will provide extra characteristics to the set  and also it may be installed in different door types.

 Standard mechanical mortise lock

This is the typical mechanical lock set.

 Microswitch mechanical mortise lock (for privacy function)

This mechanical mortice lock sends a signal to the electronic lock HS/i informing when the bolt is locked. 
If the bolt is locked the HS/i can deny the access even with a valid card. This provides privacy in case the person inside the room doesn't want to be disturbed, for example the cleaning lady in a hotel, won't be able to open the door even with a valid card when the bolt is locked.

 Narrow mechanical mortise lock (for metalic narrow profiles)

For those glass doors with a narrow metalic profile HS/i locks can be also installed using the right mechanical mortice lock. Standard mechanical mortice locks dont fit in such narrow door profile, so a special narrow mechanical mortice lock is used. HS/i is one of the few electronic locks in the market that can fit in narrow profiles thanks to its slim dimensions.

 Glass kit (for glass doors)

For those full glass doors without metalic profile HS/i locks can be also installed using a glass mounting kit plus the right mechanical mortice lock.