What is SYNC?

SYNC is a DORLET technology that allows the cards to be updated on the fly when are used in an online controller. 

SYNC technology complements installations with DOC devices as the cards can be updated and encoded automatically in any controller with SYNC feature.

DOC with and without SYNC

In an installation with DOC devices without SYNC controller, the cards must be encoded, updated and read using the card encoder connected to a workstation. This can be hard to manage, if there are large quatities of cards, as every time a card must be updated with new rights or needs to be read, the card holder must show up carring his card to a workstation.

In an installation with DOC and SYNC controllers, all online controllers set as SYNC, work as a syncronization point. Those syncronization points encode, update and read on the fly all cards used on them, in the same way the card encoder does, but without the need to do it in a workstation.

What do I need to perform SYNC feature?

All controllers except AHS controller can be set in SYNC mode.

The reader connected to the controller must READ and WRITE on the card. Only READ readers can not write data on the cards so are not compatible with SYNC feature. 

Are SYNC controllers just used for synchronization?

No, the controller keeps all its features when SYNC is enable. 

The controller keeps working as an access control device, so at the same time we open a door, turnstile, etc... our card is beeing synchronized.

Where are SYNC controllers located?

The best location of a sync controller is where all people has to pass mandatory at least once per day. In an office building the main entrance, turnstiles, or elevators are good places where to get access to the building, floor, or department, the cardholder must use the card.

How does it work?

Every time a card is used on a SYNC controller:

-The controller checks if this card has any update available. It can be new rights, delete rights, time tables, etc... In case there is any update, the controller updates the card instantaneously.

-If the card has any stored data from a DOC device such as transactions, battery status, etc... the controller reads that information and sends it to the server. In the Security Management System that data will be shown, processed and stored. Right after that, the controller will delete all data from the card that has been sent successfully to the server, so the card will be empty again.

Advantages of SYNC?

-The card is updated at any time with the last rights set in the security management system.

-All transactions made in DOC devices and stored in the cards are automatically downloaded to the server.

-The cards are updated on the fly without any knowledge or intervention from the cardholder. The cardholder doesn't have to update his card in a dedicated workstation.

-Any online controller can be set as SYNC.

-A controller with SYNC feature still works as an acces door controller and keeps all its access control functionalities.