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Proximity card reader for MIFARE cards (ISO14443A) at 13,56Mhz + fingerprint reader + alphanumeric Keypad and backlit 4x16 screen.
Includes audio/video intercom (requires IoIP controller)
Up to 3.000 (5.000 opt) fingerprints in 1:N mode, Unlimited in 1:1 mode


2 Years warranty


Proximity card reader for cards ISO14443A 13,56Mhz.
    -Can READ and WRITE in the secure sectors of a Mifare Classic card.
    -Can READ the CSN (Chip Serial Number) of a DESFire card.
    -Reading range is between 0 to 5cm and the writing from 0 to 3 cm.
    -Includes a buzzer, green and red led to indicate the access.
    -Backlight led display of 4x16 characters for reading messages, information point and interaction with the ACS and/or T&A systems.
    -16 key membrane keypad to introduce PIN passwords if required and also for interaction with the ACS and/or T&A systems.
    -The reader has built-in a video-intercom system. Call button, microphone, loudspeaker and camera integrated in the reader
    -1/4” CCD color camera wit 320 LTV resolution, 2 lux sensibility. Lents 3,6 mm aperture F2.0.
    -Wiegand protocols for the connection to the controller.
    -Optical fingerprint reader with 500dpi resolution and 15x22mm sensor size.
    -Fingerprint verification time <1sec
    -Fingerprint capacity in 1:n mode: 5000 fingerprints
    -Fingerprint capacity in 1:1 mode (biometric on card): Unlimited
    -Power supply 12Vdc, consumption 300 mA
    -Dimensions 220x140x70mm.
    -Available in Grey color.
    -Certified EN 50130-4, EN 50130-5, EN 50133-1, EN 50133-2, IEC/EN 60950-1

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