CONTROLLER AS/3 IP-V (Voice over IP)

CONTROLLER AS/3 IP-V (Voice over IP)

1300.00 € 1300.00 € 1300.0 EUR

1300.00 €

Advance full IP Access Controller and Attendance for up to 2 readers and 2 doors.
Advance full IP Alarms and Intrusion panel.
Includes INTERCOM capability over SIP (VoIP) for up to 2 Intercoms
Enclosure, power supply included.
Certified in EN-60839 (Grade 4) for Access Control


2 Years warranty


IP Door controller for up to 2 readers and 2 doors.
    -Valid for access control and attendance.
    -Up to 100,000 cards.
    -16 digital inputs, 8 of them can be configured as analog inputs.
    -6 digital outputs by relay.
    -RS-232 included.
    -IP-56 Box enclosure with tamper included.
    -Power supply included. TCP-IP connection included.
    -Up to 2 Voice intercoms using SIP protocol (VoIP).
    -Complies with standards UNE-EN 50131 (Grade 2) and UNE-EN 60839 (Grade 4)


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