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2000.00 €

DASSnet™ PSIM (Physical Security Information Management )
Unlimited cards, unlimited controllers. License for 3 workstations (Expandable).
Able to work with SQL, ORACLE and INFORMIX databased.
Includes Access control module
Includes Map designer & viewer.


2 Years warranty


Visitors module

Visitors module enhances DASSnet™ with a complete solution for the management of visitors credentials and rights.

Visitors website module

Visitors module is also available as a website so no software has to be installed on the workstation.

Visitors Pre-appointments website module

Dedicated website for the pre-registration of visitors into DASSnet™ module.

Alarms module

Alarms module enable the alarms management on DASSnet™. This is a complete alarms management solution for all DORLET hardware as well as third party integrated security systems.

CCTV integration

Integrates any CCTV solution into DASSnet™. This module enables the integration between the cameras and any other third party security system integrated on DASSnet™.

Fire integration

Integrates any fire detection solution into DASSnet™. This module enables the integration between the fire sensors and any other third party security system integrated on DASSnet™.

Intrusion integration

Integrates any intrusion detection solution into DASSnet™. This module enables the integration between the intrusion/alarms sensors and any other third party security system integrated on DASSnet™.

PA integration

Integrates any Public Address solution into DASSnet™. This modules allows the broadcasting of messages trough the PA when any alarm is generated by any third party security system integrated on DASSnet™.

SIP intercom integration

Integrates the SIP intercom solution with the exisisting VoIP (SIP) phone solution of the complex. It allows to register in DASSnet™ all communications trafic and answer the intercom calls and opening of the doors on VoIP phones.

Key cabinets integration

Allows the integration of TRAKA cabinets into DASSnet™. With this integration all rights to access the keys can be set from DASSnet™ using proximity cards or biometric parameters as well as the tracking and logs of the key's use.

Lockers/cabinet/drawers module

Enables the management of Lockers by assigning exclusive lockers to the users or by groups for lockers sharing, using proximity cards. It also tracks the use and logs for the lockers.

Vehicles fleet module

Complete fleet management solution for clients that requires the control of vehicle/driver rights and keep record of all the entry/exits of the vehicle/driver association into the company parking for further consultation.

Photo-ID badges module

This module provides a designing environment to create card's templates that will be used in DASSnet™ to print cards with the associated information of each user.

Time & Attendance module

Complete Time and Attendance software for the control of the employee's attendance. 


Same Time and Attendance software but for Small and Medium Enterprises up to 50 employees.

T&A employees portal

Website module where the employees can report and request absences, vacations and permissions as well as check all information related with their attendance.

T&A SAP integration

Certified integration between SAP HR module and DASSnet™ Time and Attendance software. Allows the interchange of data between both.

Multi-Server module

Addition of extra servers will allow in large projects the fluent operation of the solution. This module is used when a single server is not enough and it requires extra processing capacity.

Multi-Site module

Solution for organizations with multiple locations that want to work locally as well as centralized regardless the network status by using different synchronized databases.

Backup server module

Second DASSnet™ stand-by backup server will take control in case the main server is down for any reason, allowing continuous operation of the solution. The clients will connect to the working server al the time.

Cluster server module

Hights redundancy and avaiabliti by using a cluster solution for DASSnet™ server and database. This modules allows the configuration of the clients with the cluster nodes.


.net SDK for the integration of DASSnet™ into third party software. It allows also the secure communication between both softwares.

OPC integration

OPC server for the integration of DASSnet™ with third party SACADAs. It allows receiving and sending OPC objects for BMS integrations.

DASSmobile™ App

iOS and Android App for the control and management of DASSnet™. It allows security personnel to get control of all security equipment when patrolling or when they are out of the security room


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