DASSnet™ SIP Integration module

DASSnet™ SIP Integration module

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1500.00 €

SIP integration module for DASSNET Security Management Software (PSIM). Allows the integration of the intercom system with the existing SIP VoIP Phone system.
The intercom calls can be received in any VoIP phone and the doors can be open using the existing VoIP phones network.
The communication traffic between the Intercoms and the SIP VoIP phones is register in DASSNET software and the conversations can be recorded in the VoIP recording server.


2 Years warranty



SIP Integration

The SIP integration modules, Integrates the SIP intercom solution with the existing VoIP (SIP) phone solution of the complex.
DORLET SIP intercoms or any other third party SIP intercom solution can be used as intercoms.
It allows to register in DASSnet™ all communications traffic and answer the intercom calls and opening of the doors on VoIP phones.



Incoming calls from SIP intercom:

-Ring in DASSnet software, on a softphone or the assigned VoIP phone extension.

-The user will be able to take the call from the software, softphone or directly from the VoIP phone.

-The VoIP phone can be the ones used for normal phone calls. The system doesn’t need a specific device to receive the calls from the intercoms. So, the same IP phones used to make regular calls can be also used as an intercom end device.

-In the VoIP phone screen will be shown the name of the intercom or intercom + reader from where the call was made.

-In DASSnet monitor and log will be recorded the origin of the call and which computer or VoIP phone answered the call. It will help to keep track of all communications.


Softphone + access control:

The solution provides a softphone application to receive the calls or video calls on a computer apart from DASSnet software. This softphone application will be installed on computers without installing the complete PSIM software and it will allow those computers just to manage the intercom communications.

 If the intercom has a door assign, once the communication is established, the user can accept/reject the call open/close or send opening pulse to the door from where the call is made:

-From DASSnet software just by clicking on the icons that shows up when the communication is established.

-From the softphone application just by clicking on the icons that shows up when the communication is established.

-From the VoIP phones just by pressing a dial number. The dial number that opens the door can be different that the one that closes the door or the opening impulse. Those dial numbers can be configurable from the software.


Comms monitoring.

When a door is opened/closed/opening impulse DASSnet, it registers which user/computer ordered it, in case it was done from the software, or the extension of the VoIP, in case it was done from a VoIP phone.

When the communication is finished DASSnet also register the end of the call.

The logs are stored and can be checked.






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