DASSnet™ Visitors control module

DASSnet™ Visitors control module

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Visitors control module for DASSnet™ Security Management Software (PSIM).


2 Years warranty


Visitors enrollment

The visitors management module is able to enroll new visitors into DASSnet™ by entering manually the personal information of the visitor including the capture of a photograph, the validity of the card and the visit route assigned. Optionally the system allows the automatic recognition of IDs, drive license or passports to import the personal data of the person, photo, signature, etc… by using an OCR document scanner.



Visitors OCR scanner

The Visitors solution is able to integrate an OCR document scanner that can capture the data of documents such as IDs, driver license, passports by recognizing the text on it and capturing the photograph and signature.

Once that data is captured the result of the capturing will be automatically imported to the new visitor profile. This feature provides a fast-tracking enrollment solution and the confidence that all the data registered are correct.


Visitors routes

The visitor management module is able to create specific routes for visitors by adding readers to that route. Those routes will be later assigned to a visit card and that card will be able to open those doors

The number of routes are unlimited and many routes are able to be assigned to the same visit card.

Each visit route is able to select an expiration date by default to be used as a control point where the visitors’ collection readers will recover automatically the expired visit cards. 

The expire options are: Expiration by dates, No expiration, Expiration at first swipe, and expiration at first swipe on last day must be available.


Visitors identification

The visitors management module is able to enroll a visitor using card or capturing his fingerprint. Both identification methods are available.

Visitors pre-registration

 The visitors management module is able to pre-register a visit and pre-assign a card and move that visit to an expected visitors windows for check-in.

Visitors check-IN/OUT

The visitors management module is able to manually check-in a visitor or a pre-register visitor and check-out when the visit is finished. It also shall do the check-out automatically when a collection reader recovers the card.

Visit validity

The visitors management module is able to set the initial and final validity of the card/fingerprint. This validity dates will be also use for the expiration date in case the system is using a collection reader to recover the visit cards.

Visitor card recovery

The visitors management module is ready to work with cards collection readers for visits. This feature recovers automatically the visitor’s cards once they are expired and the visitor is exiting the premises.

Visitors badges

The visitors management is must be able to print automatically customizable ID-photo badges for the visitors directly from the visitor’s window.

Visitors vehicles

The visitors management module is able to register the vehicle plate number of the visit and allow that car to enter in the premises when a License Plate Recognition (LPR) camera is installed in the ACS.

Visitors groups

The visitors management module also includes a functionality to register a group of people under a common visit. It allows an easy pre-registration and bulk treatment of all visit cards and rights.

Person to visit rights

The visitors management module is able to link the visit to the person to be visited. It also allows employees to receive visits by providing them the rights. In case the person to receive the visit doesn’t have rights, the system won’t allow that visit, unless another person with rights authorize the visit.


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