Double visitors DROPBOX Reader 60 EAN-PRX-DESFIRE

Double visitors DROPBOX Reader 60 EAN-PRX-DESFIRE

1300.00 € 1300.00 € 1300.0 EUR

1300.00 €

Reader for normal cards + collection of visitors cards on exit. Two DESFIRE 13,56 Mhz readers included. Latch and optic sensor for detection of dropped card included.


2 Years warranty


The Double Visits Mailbox reader is a special reader designed to recover the visits cards on the exit, avoiding visitors to leave the premise with the card, but at same time it has a second reader for those cardholders that are no visitors (employees).
The reader will be made of 2 readers. One for the employees cards on the top of the reader and another inside the dropbox for the visitors. Both readers will have the same reading technology.
The employees reader is a normal reader on the surface of the device and it doesn't recover the cards.
Typically this reader is installed in turnstiles and access gates in their exit direction.

Proximity card reader for DESFire cards ISO14443A/B at 13,56Mhz
    -The reader can READ and WRITE in the secure sectors of a DESFire EV1 and Mifare card.

    -The reading range is between 0 to 5cm and the writing from 0 to 3 cm.
    -The reader includes a buzzer, green and red led to indicate the access.
    -Backlight led display of 4x16 characters for reading messages.
    -The reader uses Wiegand protocols for the connection to the controller.
    -The reader has an electronic latch inside the dropbox that will be opened when the controller orders the reader to recover the card.
    -The reader has a photoelectric beam that verifies that the card has dropped.
    -The dropbox admits cards with plastic covers and metallic clips.
    -Power supply 24Vdc, consumption 250 mA
    -Dimensions 130x177x145mm.

    -Available in Grey color.


How it works?

In case of a cardholder with a visitor card:

(1) If the card is passed over the surface reader (reader for employees) a message on the display will inform that the card must be inserted. Once the visitor card is inserted in the dropbox, step 2 will follow.

(2) The card is read by the reader and the information sent to the controller. If the card must be recovered the step (3) will follow.

(3) The latch is opened and the card drops in by gravity. A photocell will detect the drop and close the latch, then the controller will open the turnstile/speed gate and the visitor card will be checked-out in the system. 

If the photocell doesn't detect the drop of the card, the controller won't open the turnstile/speed gate, and the card status wouldn't have changed. This operation protects the system against any subject trying to recover the card by any means.

In case of a cardholder with a employee card:

The employees cards will not be taken by the mailbox in case the cardholder introduce the card. The surface reader will be used as a normal reader.


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