Electronic Lock Kit HS/Inox Mifare

Electronic Lock Kit HS/Inox Mifare

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Electronic Lock set for doors.
Based on MIFARE 13,56 Mhz proximity cards.
AAA batteries and handle includes.
30.000 cycles battery duration.
No users limit in the lock, storage for 280 messages, 380 cards on blacklist, 99 time zones, automatic openings based on programable calendar.


2 Years warranty


HS/i door lock is a stand-alone electronic RFID lock for access control applications.


HS/i lock is designed in a beautiful stainless steel profile that combines with any type of door. It also allows the election of the handle design.


The HS/i is made to be used with European or American standard mechanical mortise lock. Existing doors can be upgraded with a RFID lock without changing the existing mechanical mortise lock.


HS Locks Series are compatible with Dorlet DOC technology. This technology allows a stand-alone lock to communicate with the online access control system as if it was connected to the network.


    -Material: Stainless steal

    -Fire resistance: FR-60

    -Real time Clock: Yes

    -Battery: 4x LR03 AAA

    -Battery duration: Aprox 30.000 cycles


Card reader technology specifications:

    -Proximity card reader for cards ISO14443A 13,56Mhz.

    -The reader can READ and WRITE in the secure sectors of a Mifare Classic card.

    -The reader includes a buzzer, green and red led to indicate the access.

    -The reading range is between 0 to 5cm and the writing from 0 to 3 cm.


Memory and capacity specifications:

    -Memory: 256Kb Flash Memory

    -Cards allowed: No limits in number of cards

    -Events storage: 280 last events

    -Time zones: 99

    -Type of days: 3

    -Time zones/day type: 2

    -Access calendar: yes

    -Auto opening calendar: yes

    -Blacklisted cards memory: 380


Key benefits

-Backup cylinder. HS/i locks can have an optional mechanical cylinder as a backup to open the door.

-Anti manipulation. People outside the door cannot manipulate the lock. HS/i locks have the batteries, clutch and electronic circuits in the inside part of the door, where is secure, under a steel cover.

-Bolt thumb.  A bolt thumb can be optionally installed in HS/i locks to lock the dead bolt, from the inside part of the door, for privacy.

-Battery status. In case of low battery, the readers' light will start blinking to alert the staff. The low battery message will be also written in each card that is used to open the door and when one of those cards is read by the card encoder, or using DOC by any reader, the low battery alarm will appear in the software.

-DOC. HS/i lock are compatible with Dorlet's DOC technology

-NFC ready. HS/i locks can read & write on NCF devices such as mobiles.

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