FS-1000 Face recognition reader (1.000 users)

FS-1000 Face recognition reader (1.000 users)

1700.00 € 1700.00 € 1700.0 EUR

1700.00 €

Face recognition reader for 1.000 users in 1:N mode


2 Years warranty


Embedded facial recognition reader designs for access control, time & attendance, and user authentication applications. It provides superior accuracy and reliability over traditional facial recognition systems under different light conditions

    -Optical facial recognition camera with IR illumination
    -LCD-TFT screen for the visualization of the capture and guidelines for the online position of the face.
    -Faces capacity in 1:n mode: 1000  faces 
    -Enrollment time <15s
    -Verification time <1s
    -False acceptance <0.001%
    -False rejection <0.5%
    -Light conditions 0-8000 lux
    -Possibility of adding an external card reader or PIN Keypad.
    -TCP/IP data transmission for the enrollment
    -RS-232 for the integration with the controller.
    -Dimensions 82x140x88mm
    -Available in Black color.


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