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1. hidglobal.com LOGICAL ACCESS SOLUTIONS OMNIKEY ® 5021 CL USB Reader CONTACTLESS OMNIKEY SMART CARD READER WITH COMPACT FOOTPRINT FOR DESKTOP USE ƒ Compact Form Factor – enables two-factor authentication in space-restricted work environments ƒ Sleek and Stylish – design available in five different colors to seamlessly fit into modern corporate environments ƒ Secure and Convenient – usage of contactless physical access cards and contactless PKI card ƒ Standardized – mount on back of device enables additional accessories to be added; these accessories allow the reader to be easily mounted on various locations when desk space is restricted HID Global’s OMNIKEY® 5021 CL contactless smart card reader marks a milestone in reader design with its clever new minimized pocket size. This brand new design concept allows a new range of markets and use cases such as Healthcare, where computers on wheels and mobile work stations are commonly used. With its small pocket size form factor, the new OMNIKEY 5021 is a perfect fit for such applications. Like all HID OMNIKEY contactless smart card readers, the OMNIKEY 5021 CL reader provides convenience, speed and security of contactless technology for applications such as PC and network log-on, email encryption and signature, as well as every other use cases where reliable technology is key. Increased efficiency is provided by leveraging existing OMNIKEY contactless driver platform as well as Windows® Plug-and-Play driver support. This means the reader can be seamlessly integrated into any end-user environments with little or no administration. Modern and stylish color options allow for seamless integration into all kinds of corporate environments including offices, production floor and representative areas. The OMNIKEY 5021 also features LED illumination so that when a card is placed on top, the operational status of the reader remains visible. Smart accessories such as adhesive plate, screw mount and card holder extend the usability and convenience of this compact and powerful reader beyond standard desktop operation, and allow for tap-and- go use as well as permanent “card present” mode in all contactless card environments. ADDITIONAL PRODUCT FEATURES: CONTACTLESS SMART CARDS SUPPORTED: ƒ HID: iCLASS® ƒ NXP: MIFARE®, MIFARE® Ultralight, DESFire®, SMART-MX and ICODE ƒ Texas Instruments: TagIT® ƒ ST Micro: x-ident, SR 176, SR 1X 4K ƒ Infineon: My-d (in secure mode UID only) ƒ Atmel: AT088RF020 ƒ KSW MicroTech: KSW TempSens ƒ Contactless 2048 bit key generation in RSA mode (JCOP / SMART-MX) * For Driver Download, Please Visit www.hidglobal.com/omnikey

2. © 2014 HID Global Corporation/ASSA ABLOY AB. All rights reserved. HID, the HID logo, OMNIKEY and the OMNIKEY logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HID Global in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other trademarks, service marks and product or service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. 2014-04-03-omnikey-5021-cl-usb-reader-ds-en PLT-00342 North America: +1 949 732 2000 Toll Free: 1 800 237 7769 Europe, Middle East, Africa: +44 1440 714 850 Asia Pacific: +852 3160 9800 Latin America: +52 55 5081 1650 FEATURES: ƒ Multiple color options available ƒ Optional card holder for card present operation ƒ Optional adhesive tape and additional mounting units available ƒ Small footprint ƒ Reader supports contactless smart cards with up to 848 Kbps in the fastest ISO 14443 transmission mode ƒ EMD suppression support SPECIFICATIONS Base Model Number OMNIKEY® 5021 CL Dimensions 2.32'' x 2.32'' x 0.44'' (59 x 59 x1 1,4 mm) Weight Approx. 3.52 oz (100 g) Power Supply Bus powered Operating Temperature 32–158 °F (0–70 °C) Non-Operating Temperature -4 to 176 °F (-20 to +80 °C) Operating Humidity 0–95% rH HOST INTERFACE Host Interface USB 2.0 (also compliant with USB 1.1) Transmission Speed 12 Mbps (USB 2.0 full speed) CONTACTLESS SMART CARD INTERFACE Protocols T=CL, MIFARE®, iCLASS® / ISO 14443 A with 848 Kbps transmission rate (depending on card), ISO 14443 B with 848 Kbps transmission rate (depending on card), ISO 15693 with 26 Kbps transmission rate (depending on card) Supported APIs PC / SC driver (ready for 2.01), Synchronous API (on top of PC/SC) PC / SC Driver Support Windows Vista/7/8 (32/64 bit) Windows Server 2003/2008 (32 bit / 64 bit), 2008R2 (64 bit) Windows CE 4.2/5/6/7 (depending on hardware) Linux® and Mac® OS X Status Indicator Two dual-color LED bars (white - ready / blue - busy) Color Body Light Grey / Cover in different colors available Optional Accessories Card Holder (for Card present use) Adhesive tape Mouting Jacket Customization Options Customer-specific logo : available upon request Composition PC Cable Length 78'' (200cm) Meantime Between Failure(MTBF) 500,000 hours Compliance / Certification Microsoft® WHQL 1 Safety / Environmental CE, FCC, UL, RoHS, WEEE, In preparation: C-TICK, KCC Warranty Two-year manufacturer’s warranty. (For drivers, see complete lifetime support policy.) 1 Windows® Hardware Quality Lab ƒ Supports three ISO standards for contactless cards (ISO 14443 A/B and 15693) ƒ Contactless PKI, HID® iCLASS,MIFARE®, MIFARE® Ultralight, DESFire®, SMART-MX and ICODE ƒ Based on existing OMNIKEY 5321 CL Contactless reader functionality ƒ Windows WHQL / Plug-and-Driver Support An ASSA ABLOY Group brand hidglobal.com GS FIPS 201 A PPROVED


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