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1. EXT BOARD-24O (24 OUTPUTS) DORLET ASD/1, ASD/2 and ASD/4 controllers can have their inputs and outputs extended thanks to input/output extension boards. These boards can be connected to the ASD using a I2C communications bus and they receive their power supply from ASD board itself. You can connect an input board (AMP- 32E) and/or an output board (AMP-24S) to each controller. These extensions disable the existing outputs of the controller having a maximun number of 24 outputs per controller. The digital inputs for access control (button, magnetic contact etc,) and locking outputs are kept. The boards are supplied in a separate box to the controllers, or placed together in the same controller's box according to the needs of the customer. OUTPUTS EXTENSION BOARD FOR ASD SERIES CONTROLLERS www.dorlet.com FEATURES • Extension board for ASD series controllers with 24 inputs. • 24 digital outputs for operation as lift or general purpose outputs, 20 outputs per relay and 4 outputs per open collector. • Direct connection to ASD controller, power supplied from controller. 1 of 1 COD 14799500 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: Box dimensions*: Power supply: Consuption: Communications: Supervised digital inputs: Inputs configurable as analogue: Outputs per relay: Outputs per open collector: 100 x 137 x 30 mm. 310 x 230 x 130 mm. 5 VDC. 3.15 Watt. (maximum) I2C bus. N/A. N/A. 20 outputs. 4 outputs. * NOTE: the box dimensions are supplied separately from the CPU. 310 mm. 230 mm. 130 mm. 24 OUTPUTS EXTENSION BOARD 10006002 V1.0.0.ENG The information contained in this document is subject to change without prior warning. Nothing in this document may be interpreted as an additional warranty. DORLET S.A. does not accept responsibility for any errors or technical or editorial omissions contained in this document. DORLET · Parque Tecnológico de Alava · C/Albert Einstein, 34 · 01510 Miñano Mayor · ALAVA · SPAIN Tel. 945 29 87 90 · Fax. 945 29 81 33 · dorlet@dorlet.com DORLET MENA Office Nº404, HDS Tower P.O Box: 116899 JLT DUBAI UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Tel. +971 4 4541346 Fax. +971 4 4541347 info-mena@dorlet.com


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