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2. SPECIFICATIONS Technical information uPASS Reach Operating frequency 865-868 MHz uPASS Reach Region 1 902-928 MHz uPASS Reach Region 2&3 (see HTOG) Dimensions 200 x 220 x 45 mm [7.9 x 8.7 x 1.8 in] Weight 0,75 kg [1.65 lbs] Housing Aluminium chassis with UL94 ABS cover Protection IP65 [approx.NEMA4x] Detection range Up to 5 meters [16 ft] with passive Nedap UHF tags Range check LED Operating temperature -30...+60°C [-22...+140°F] Power 12...24 VDC +10% linear supply recommended Current consumption 1A @12VDC, 0.5@24VDC Identification Read Only Frequency offset See application note dense reader mode Input 1 dry contact or TTL Relay output 1 relay output (NO, common, NC), 24 VDC 2A Output Wiegand, clock data, magstripe (depending on programmed tag format) Cable distance Wiegand -150 n [500ft] 22AWG Interfaces RS232, RS422 and USB service interface Communication protocols CR/LF, DC2/DC4 and various OEM protocols (for more information see firmware manuals) Encrypted air interface According to ISO 18000-6 C Certifications CE, FCC EMC European Directive for EMC 89/336/EEC,EN301489-1 Safety EN 60950 Part nr. 9942319 uPASS Reach (Region 1) 9945466 uPASS Reach (Region 2&3) Optional mounting accessoires 9875840 Adjustable mounting bracket 9943803 UHF Pole mount (all brackets for easy mounting onto a pole) 7591152 UHF Weather protection hood (reader protection for gooseneck or pole mounting) Documentation How to order Guide uPASS Quick Reference uPASS Install Guide uPASS Firmware Guide uPASS Application note www.nedap identification.com

1. www.nedap identification.com The uPASS Reach reader offers long range vehicle identification up to 5 meters [16 ft] using the latest UHF technology*. Based on battery free passive UHF the uPASS Reach reader offers a cost effective and enduring solution for parking access. The system is based on a uPASS Reach reader and a UHF tag. The Reach readers are installed next to the gate on a maximum height of 2 meters [6 ft]. This can be accomplished without any additional mounting accessories or wiring, when upgrading existing proximity Wiegand reader installations. A long range passive UHF tag visible in direct line of sight will be identified up to 5 meters [16 ft]. The UHF tags are battery and maintenance free. The reader output allows the access control or parking system to open the gate when authorized without the need to present a badge. The built-in high intensity LED provides the user visual feedback that the tag has been read. The reader only supports read commands, so it cannot be used to write data into the memory of the tags. Plug & Play operation The uPASS Reach reader has an integrated fine-tuned antenna in a compact enclosure ideal for outdoor as well as indoor applications. Like all Nedap’s systems, the uPASS Reach reader supports all common industry communication standards, enabling seamless integration into any existing or new access control or parking management system. * when used according guidelines and under normal circumstances EPC global Gen2 The uPASS Reach complies with the ISO 18000-6 c and EPC global Gen2 directive. Nedap formatted tags are available for additional security. Applications The uPASS Reach reader is designed for parking access in residential and commercial applications such as; • gated communities • condominiums • car parks and • employee parking KEY FEATURES: • Consistent reading up to 5m [16 ft] • Operates with passive UHF tags • EPC Gen 2 compatible • Competitive pricing • On-site adjustable reading • Elegant slim design • LED and audible read indication • Weatherproof protected housing Long range identification UHF reader u PASS REACH


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